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This forum is to be deleted. I have no time in managing and maintaining this forum. This forum was created to help each others in finding referrals.

This forum was not an income generator. I need time for my personal work and other online activities.

Therefore, i am going to delete this forum in a few days

For more details, contact the administrator of this forum.

Linkbucks.com -for webmaster,bloggers and web-users

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Linkbucks.com -for webmaster,bloggers and web-users

Post by jjonny on Mon Aug 18, 2008 9:24 am

Linkbucks for webmasters and publishers
Our advertising program is the perfect way to monetize your website, blog, or community without resorting to distracting in-page ads. For more information, please visit our webmaster page. We also have specific information for publishers of blogs and forums.

Web users: get paid to share your links
Every funny video, file, or web page that you've ever linked to is making money for someone. Linkbucks rewards the people that make the web possible by giving them a share of the advertising dollars that their links generate.

About Us
We aren't a fly-by-night or a startup -- Linkbucks was started in late 2005 and has been going strong ever since. We have never missed a payment, and have been a solid partner for our advertisers.

proof of payment ^_^

so pls join under me

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