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This forum is to be deleted. I have no time in managing and maintaining this forum. This forum was created to help each others in finding referrals.

This forum was not an income generator. I need time for my personal work and other online activities.

Therefore, i am going to delete this forum in a few days

For more details, contact the administrator of this forum.

A new PTC-xtrabux, 1 month free premium, if u register now!

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A new PTC-xtrabux, 1 month free premium, if u register now!

Post by LG55 on Wed Sep 24, 2008 1:51 am


* Standard Click $0.01
* Standard Reff-click $0.005
* Premium Click $0.012
* Premium Reff-click $0.0075

You can request payment once your account balance reaches $2.99,
after 150 payments that minimum will be $10.00 .
Registering before starting date (10/01/2008):
Pre-launch OFFER :
* You become Monthly PREMIUM Member

* Buying 5 Reff we will assign 10 Reff
* Buying 10 Reff we will assign 20 Reff
* Buying 15 Reff we will assign 30 Reff
* Buying 30 Reff we will assign 60 Reff

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Amateur Clicker

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